Unic Co.

As professionals in Sales and Operational Management Outsourcing, we contribute in maximizing profits and reducing workload for our Clients through our tailor-made teams and wide range of business plans along with matching staff to positions that leverage their skills.
As an organization that can adapt flexibly and quickly to the constantly changing needs and circumstances, we take on the responsibility of the Client’s shop and provide Clients with sales results and high quality services. We will manage as a business partner for furthering the growth and success of our Clients.

The heart of Unic Co. is its talent.
We are doing our best to create an environment and team that can fully utilize the individuality of each person, working closely with each individual ensuring that no compromise is made.
Under utmost discretion, our skilled talent pool has a sense of responsibility and fulfillment in working day-to- day, with the goal to grow and propel forward with the company. We also aim to become a company that contributes to society and follows compliance to its fullest extent.

As a one-stop operation, we take on the sales and operations of shops from varying categories around the country such as fashion, interior design, sundries, etc.

Utilizing our experience with a wide range of clients, we will work with a variety of environments and business situations such as new store openings, turning around of sluggishly operating stores, pop-up stores, department stores, shopping malls, outlet malls. We contribute to the reduction of labor costs and employment risk and improvement of cash flow.

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Licensed Dispatching Agent

Unic, Inc. was established in 2004 and has been providing sales agent services specializing in the apparel industry.
As serving on the top in the industry in terms of its number of transactions and the number of workers, the dispatch service division was launched in November 2018.

In both our sales agents and dispatchment division, our key is human resources.
With our organizational system created from scratch, we provide a dispatchment service for the fashion industry.

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Unic Co., through its unique own management and operational methods, is committed to bringing in results.

Arrangement of a specialized MG to enable reducing Client workload and allow for speedy top down decision-making. Education and training for all employees through the Business Training Department to provide high quality personnel, puts efforts in strictly evaluating employee performance and strict compliance. In addition, an in-house professional team act as an immediate support for new openings and busy seasons, on-site support by realizers and personnel department. All management members are on-site, as active communicators who are young and powerful members resembling the strength of the company.

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We look forward to hearing from applicants who wish to engage in sales at shops located nationwide, as well as applicants who would like to further improve their skills and make career changes through making the best use of their experiences. Because there are many types of businesses, you will find an environment that best suits your style, making the best use of your individuality.
Be a member and grow with a company. Join us at Unic, Co. where you will find a vast number of opportunities.
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