Unic Co.

The Strength of UNIC
From Hokkaido to Okinawa, our members act as the one-stop business operation for shops located all over the country in fashion department stores and outlet malls etc. We also assist in maximizing sales, manufacturing, and help the brand image reach its greatest potential.
For new shop openings, urgent requests, requirements, we can quickly put together a team while meeting the Client’s needs even within a limited amount of time.
Through in-house selection, we have members who are highly-skilled in quality and performance. Our members provide support for shop openings and new employee OJT related to customer service and sales. They also serve as a form of support during busy seasons, shops with low headcount, and other forms of speedy assistance and making a “head start” possible. Our tailor-made team will play a major role in supporting our Clients.
We have regular training sessions such as sales training for newly hired employees and compliance, a recent yet important issue. We oversee the complete training and development of all employees hired at our company. We provide management-level support for staff as well as store managers who work with them, helping them to acquire skills that are at the same level as the stores maintained by the Client. We also contribute by increasing customer fan base, maximizing sales, manufacturing, and helping the brand image reach its fullest potential.
Localized MG
Each MG and Store Manager meet every month for a face-to-face meeting. Face to Face is our motto to share the ongoing problems and improving issues and carry out PLAN DO SEE. Each of our MGs, with a number of years of experiences in sales, will train staff and provide OJT. In addition, our MGs are engaged in human resource and promptly react to job assignments and providing help. By reinforcing the relationship between MG and store staff, we aim to decrease existing problems.