Unic Co.

With a Wealth of Experience and Success
We Offer the Best in Human Resource Solutions
[Sales Outsourcing], upon understanding the Client’s brand image, instantly finds well-balanced highly-skilled staff, provides day-to-day business management, and of course achieves sales results. Through a close connection with the Client, we handle not only budget planning, sales promotion, customer management, product ordering, and unparalleled customer service, we also ensure the growth and success of your business.
One-Stop Operation Management
At UNIC, we take on the role of Sales Outsourcing for outlet mall and fashion department store shops, provide the best in human resources, and execute strategic operations. On top of that, we verify and analyze business operations and provide feedback.
Shop Opening
From store opening proposals to arranging opening staff, we, with our wealth of experience and success, through accurate strategies, will give support until all plans are effectively executed.
Cost Reduction
We contribute in maximizing business efficiency as well as the reduction of costs related to running a business such employee expense, transportation expense, and overhead expense.