Unic Co.

From Registration to Finding A Job
First, register
with UNIC. 
First, register
with UNIC. 


For Online Applications

  • ・Upload proof of identification to MYPAGE.

For In-person Applications

  • ・Estimated Application Time:Approximately 1 hour
  • ・What to Bring:Pen, Proof of Identification, Japanese resume, Detailed Work History

Other notes

  • ・Registration may be denied based on our policy.
  • ・Registration does not guarantee placement to a job position.

Regarding Identification

  • ●Please select one of the following proof of identification (with photo)
  • ・MyNumber Card (From January 2016)
  • ・Driver’s License
  • ・Driver’s Record
  • ・Passport
  • ・Basic Resident Register Card (With Photo)
  • ・Disability Certificate
  • ・Residence Card
  • ・Special Permanent Resident Certificate
  • ●Please select two of the following ID types; (in case you have ID with no photo)
  • ・Health Insurance Card
  • ・Pension Book
  • ・Child Rearing Allowance / Special Child Rearing Allowance
  • ・Basic Resident Register Card (With No Photo)
  • ・Copy of Resident Card
  • ・Certificate of Items Stated in Resident Register
  • ・Seal Registration Certificate
  • ・Receipt of utilities free, etc. issued by the local government
  • *The address shown on Resident Card and the current actual address must be the same.
  • *The address shown on the official document and the current actual address must be the same.
For first-time temporary staffing registrants

What is dispatch work and its benefits?


Not have to do tasks that are not written in the contract.

The content of work for the dispatched are regulated under the contract. No need to work for tasks out of contract unlike permanent employees.

There are many who would like to choose a job based on personal skills and level

Dispatchment would help you improve your skill level efficiently. Can step up to the next level by starting with no experience and building up your skills. You can have flexibility in your career planning.

Can receive support from temporary staffing agency.

Temporary staffing agencies not only bring you a position, but also give you various support related to the work from the beginning to the end of contract. This support creates the environment where you can just need to focus on working.

Work With an Experienced Agent

Receive follow-up service after finding and starting a job. Unlike permanent and contract employees whose work-related counseling is usually limited to family and friends, the dispatch employees can talk about work with their agent. You can focus on your working. The agents will take care fo the rest.

In recent days, the number of the dispatched employees have been increasing as different working opportunities vary.